Why choose a shared charter?

This is a question that’s being asked more and more in the charter industry and for many, the thought of going on a shared yacht charter, is thrown overboard into the ocean and allowed to sink into the abyss of inconceivable ideas.

“What? Go sailing with a bunch of strangers… on a yacht… for a week? No way!! That would be a nightmare!”

However, despite a lot of adversity to the idea, shared yacht charters are becoming more and more acceptable worldwide. People are asking themselves, Why should I spend so much money on a private charter when I could pay one third of the cost for a cabin and have the same, first class experience? Upper-middle and middle-class vacationers are choosing this type of sailing charter because it is simply more affordable. Living the luxury lifestyle is no longer reserved just for the rich and famous.

Due to the availability of shared charters, there has also been a shift in mass tourism especially in the cruise ship industry. Travellers are moving away from this impersonal, mass produced type of holiday to the more personalized, high-end, adventurous way of discovering exotic destinations.

On a personal note, having worked on both private and shared yacht charters, my best experiences as first-mate were on shared charters. As crew, we were the “glue” of the group, bringing together these strangers to give them an experience of a lifetime. We were able to share our adventurous stories, crazy, fun experiences and deep passion for sailing to all our guests, whether first time sailors or not.

We also found that guests tended to be on their best behavior when on a shared charter. They make a concerted effort to not be the party pooper onboard and are usually very eager to impress their fellow passengers. With the proximity to crew and fellow guests, shared yacht charters are ideal for creating memorable moments and long-lasting friendships.

So when you're planning your next holiday, take a step out of your comfort zone and enter the incredible vacation world of shared luxury yacht charters.

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