From the catwalk to the gangplank

How does a small island girl go first to the runways of Paris to the boarding beautiful yachts?

It's a long story, full of crazy experiences I would not change for the world...

It all started at the age of 19 when I decided to leave my little island to venture out into the fashion capital of the world...Paris, in search of adventure. It was tough! I had no family around and the competition do they say it, fierce. I could not believe the number of incredibly beautiful women there are in this world and to come face to face with them in castings, was daunting. Despite this jaw-dropping disadvantage, I did what I had to do, met who I had to meet and fought the good fight. After an exhausting 3 years, hundreds of castings, working with some top designers (#isseymyake, #yvessaintlaurent, #pacorabanne), I decided to call it quits and return home to my island in the sun and live the life I was born to live.

It was there that I met my future husband who was an avid sailor. So avid that he actually represented his country at high levels (if you know what I mean). Actually, that's how he arrived in paradise; by boat. With his encouragement, I kicked off my heels, slapped on my slippers and re-kindled my beautiful love affair with the ocean. Before I could blink, I was no longer walking on catwalks in Paris but on gangplanks in the Caribbean.

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