Discovering Belize

Belize is our hot new destination and I am off to discover why so many of our guests are not only booking, but loving this Central American, off-the-grid destination. Follow me and let's find out why.

Well, the first few descriptions of this exotic destination found on the web grabbed my attention instantly: Mayan history, second largest barrier reef in the world, rainforest, mosaic of culture. With vocabulary like this, I am sure that even now, I have sparked your interest.

Located on the border of Mexico and Guatemala and a stone's throw from major airport hubs such as Miami, New York and Los Angelos, Belize is apparently a fascinating destination. Once a pirate haven and subsequently colonised by the British, Belize was known as British Honduras. The only English speaking country finds itself surrounded by Spanish nations.

The population is made up of a mix between descendants of slaves on the coast, hispanics, mainly inhabiting the borders and the descendants of German mennonites located more inland. This multitude of ethnicities, gives rise to a beautiful melting pot of races.

Then, there are the Mayan ruins which is also a very big attraction for tourists. Some of these ruins can be found in such remote areas that if you are adventurous enough to trek there, you would probably be if not the only visitor, perhaps one of very few. The absence of coach-loads of tourists would definitely make for a very pleasant, quality visit allowing you to fully absorb the profound history of such ancient sites.

Nature also proves itself to be breathtaking in Belize, as the ecosystem there remains very unspoilt and rich in wildlife. With such a perfect sub-tropical climate, any nature-lover will definitely find their joy in the midst of Belize's rainforest.

On sea as on land, the experiences are out of this world. Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, so when you snorkel, you might find yourself some swimming buddies that may include, rays, turtles, whale sharks or dolphins.

Oh! And did I mention the beaches? The endless coastline of white sand beaches trimmed with numerous palm trees already makes me feel relaxed and meditative at the same time.

Belize just sounds like a whole new world, a hidden gem, just waiting to be discovered by you...and me for that matter. It is definitely next on my "To Visit" list. You know what? I think we should all just book our flights and go on charter NOW! Who's coming?

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