Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

St Vincent & the Grenadines

A cluster of paradise islands tucked away in the south-eastern Caribbean, with only a few thousand inhabitants. This is truly the most "picture perfect" destination! The Grenadines islands are strewn like jewels in a southerly direction from the mainland of St. Vincent, each one uniquely beautiful.

Here you will certainly be spoilt by a multitude of white and pink sandy beaches, lush green hills and beaches fringed with thousands of mature coconut trees, always offering a shady spot after a refreshing swim or kayak ashore.

Big Tourism has not developed the islands yet, so the landscape is perfectly unspoiled. We strongly recommend a visit to the sanctuary of the Tobago Cays Marine Park, where rays, turtles and a myriad of tropical fish await.




There are a number of ways to get to St Vincent. Best is to fly via Barbados and then connect to St Vincent using SVG Air OR Liat Airlines. Airport codes: Barbados is BGI, St Vincent is SVD.

There are many daily direct flight connections from the U.S., Canada and Europe.


Airlines from North America, serving Barbados

Air Canada -

American Airlines -

Caribbean Airlines - - tel +800 744 2225

United Airlines -

Delta Airlines -

US Airways -

JetBlue Airlines -

WestJet -


Airlines from Europe, serving Barbados and St Lucia

British Airways -

Virgin Atlantic -

You can also check Spirit Airlines who may offer seasonal flights.


Flights from Barbados and St Lucia direct St Vincent

SVG Air offers individual scheduled daily flights from Barbados to St Vincent, which connect with incoming international flights. SVG Air offers whole group bookings from the St Lucia south airport. Their handling service at the connecting airport is excellent and they will help take care of some of the transfer details. If flying in on a Saturday you will reach St Vincent in the late afternoon and be in time for boarding at the marina. Please email: for both reservations and enquiries.

LIAT also offers regional daily flights from Barbados. We do not recommend to connect with Liat in St Lucia due to the great distance between the International incoming airport in the south and the smaller airport in the north where Liat flies out of.


Arriving early

For overnight accommodation in St Vincent; we recommend Mariners Hotel and the Beachcomber Hotel.

Mariners hotel -

Beachcombers hotel -




St. Vincent and the Grenadines is located in the south Eastern Caribbean about 90 miles west of Barbados. The Grenadines island chain is comprised of some 32 islands and cays stretching south from St. Vincent. Only 9 Islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines are populated and 5 of these have small airports: St Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan and Union Islands.



St Vincent is an all-year destination, with daytime temperatures ranging between 82F (28C) and 88F (31C). When the sun sets around 6.30 pm (consistently throughout the year) the temperatures drop to a comfortable 77F (25C) to 82F (28C).

Water temperature is steady year round and averages 82°F (28C) so no need for divers to bring wetsuits. Brief, intense showers followed by beautiful sunshine can occur at any time of the year but the rainfall is usually higher in the autumn. The hurricane season is officially between June and November with the most possible activity taking place in September. TradeWinds has an excellent safety and weather preparation record, should a named storm approach, yachts will be redirected and guests assisted with alternate arrangements on land. The upside to traveling in the summertime and autumn in the Caribbean in general is that the weather is truly great and the waters are as gorgeous as ever. There are no high seas to talk about and the waters are calm with a great breeze for sailing.


What to bring

Please pack as lightly as you can. Most of our guests wear only a fraction of what they bring! All you really need are shorts, tee shirts and beachwear. In addition to this perhaps something a little more dressy for the two evenings you will be dining ashore. Soft luggage is preferable if you have it. We have some limited storage onshore for your empty bags, but please bring as little as you are comfortable with. Between meals, fresh fruit is available. If you like to eat more between meals, please feel free to bring snacks with you.

It is advisable to bring a change of clothes and toiletries in your hand luggage. If your luggage gets lost enroute, it will not be able to be delivered to you until days later.


What shoes shall I bring?

You only need sandals or other shoes for the nights on shore as you will be barefoot whenever you are aboard. Good sturdy sandals, like TEVA-style models are preferred as they sit well on your feet. If you are a runner, bring your sneakers, there are several opportunities for some great runs.


Dry bags

You will be around water for the week. If you are concerned about getting your purse, wallet or watch wet, bring a small dry bag. These can be purchased from sports and outdoor vendors. Some of them roll up and trap the air inside which has the added benefit of making the bag float.



All of our yachts have a fishing rod onboard - we usually troll a line when sailing from island to island and will often catch yellow fin, wahoo, mahi-mahi or similar ...... which might become lunch, served fresh off the yachts barbecue or as a sushi/sashimi dish!


Travel insurance

We strongly advise that all guests cruising with us have fully comprehensive travel insurance which will cover all eventualities such as hotel accommodation, lost baggage, changes to flights etc.



Local currency is the EC ("EE SEE") dollar which is tied to the US dollar at approximately US$1 to EC$2.67. Most businesses and taxis will accept US$ (normally at EC$2.60), and you may find that carrying small denomination US$ notes useful.

Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are widely accepted at hotels, restaurants and most boutiques.


Visas and restrictions

For U.S., Canadian and European Union citizens a valid passport and a return/continuing ticket is required.

For other countries, kindly contact a St Vincent & the Grenadines tourist board.

Please note that it is illegal to wear camouflage clothing in St Vincent and the Grenadines and in Barbados. This includes fashion brands with camouflage patterns.

Taxes/Service Charges

The government charges 15% VAT on all goods


Useful links

St.Vincent tourism board -

Barbados tourism board -


Sample Itinerary


Please click here to read more about a sample itinerary for a crewed sailing charter in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.