Sailing Greece, Ionian Sea

St Vincent & the Grenadines

The Greek Ionian islands are flourishing and mountainous. On our incredible itinerary, we have handpicked our favorite authentic and unspoiled islands, secluded coves with wonderful sandy or pebbled beaches with idyllic emerald, turquoise or deep blue waters for you to discover.

Sail by picturesque villages on sloping mountainsides adorned with cascades of bougainvillea. To add to the fascination, recall the ancient tales of heroism and deceit, as the Greek mythology certainly still surrounds the islands. The villages along your route offer you a matchless blend of island simplicity and all the modern conveniences you can imagine.




Lefkas or Lefkada, is the name of the island and the name of the main town on the island. We are located in the village of Sivota. The easiest way to get to us is to fly to Preveza Airport (airport code: PVK) and take a taxi to Sivota Bay.


Flying via Europe

The easiest way to get to Preveza Airport is to fly into one of the main European hubs such as London, then fly direct to Preveza. The following are a list of flight companies that fly there:

Via London

Monarch or telephone 0871 423 8550. From London Gatwick - Sunday flight.

Viking or telephone 0843-208-2735. From London Gatwick - Saturday and Sunday flights from the 29th May

through to the 10th October.

Thomas Cook Airlines. From London Gatwick - Saturday and Sunday flights from early May

through to the 24th October.

Thomson Airways. From London Gatwick - Sunday flights from 1st May through to the 31st October.

Via Germany

Air Berlin.

From Berlin - Saturday and Tuesday flights from the 3rd July to the 19th October.

From Dusseldorf - Tuesday and Saturday flights from the 6th July through to the 23rd October.

From Hamburg - Tuesday and Saturday flights from the 3rd July through to the 19th October.

From Munich - Saturday flights from 3rd July through to the 16th October.

From Stuttgart - Saturday flights from 3rd July through to the 16th October.

Via Austria

Air Lauda.

From Vienna - Saturday flights from the 10th July to the 2nd October.

From Innsbruck - Saturday flights from the 10th July to the 11th September.

Via Netherlands

Transavia. From Amsterdam - Tuesday and Saturday flights from July to October.


Alternative routes

You can fly via Athens, stay there and see this amazing city, then take the bus or drive and take in some wonderful parts of Greece.

You can fly to Corfu and take the ferry to mainland and from there to Lefkas.


Travelling via Athens

This is a a wonderful opportunity to see some of the countryside. Rates for a small car vary from 175 Euro per week in low season to 230 Euro per week in high. Several guests have arrived in this manner. Please be aware that there is a rather stunning bridge that is crossed at Patra…an amazing feat of engineering but the toll is 13 Euro to cross.

Car hire companies that operate from Athens airport:


Stopping enroute

If you need to stay overnight at Athens before onward travel to Lefkas the Peris Hotel (tel: +30 22940 83763) is an inexpensive option (low season 90 Euros a night for two, including breakfast and airport transfers). Please note, this is only a good option when in transit and not if you wish to spend a few days exploring Athens, as it is out from the city centre.


Getting To Lefkas via Corfu

We have had several guests that have chosen to fly to Corfu then take the ferry to Igmounitsa on the mainland and then catch the local bus to Lefkas. During the months of May to September the ferries run hourly. Depending on the ferry the journey time is from 1 ½ hour- 2 hours. The approximate cost is 8 Euro per person one way. The bus station in Igmounitsa is located directly behind the ferry terminal. Please note that there is only one bus a day from Igmounitsa to Lefkas and it departs at 11.15 am on Mondays and Fridays only. The journey time is approximately 2 hours.





The weather in Lefkas is typically Mediterranean with hot and sunny summers and mild winters. Lefkas, like others in the Ionian group have higher levels of rainfall which helps to keep the island green during the summer. What marks Lefkas weather out are the thermal offshore winds that get really strong in some parts of the island. This is one reasons that Lefkas is a favourite island for windsurfers. Lefkas is also noted for a high level of humidity, even during the summer months.


What to bring

Please pack as lightly as you can. Most of our guests wear only a fraction of what they bring! All you really need are shorts, tee shirts and beachwear. In addition to this perhaps something a little more dressy for the two evenings you will be dining ashore. Soft luggage is preferable if you have it. We have some limited storage onshore for your empty bags, but please bring as little as you are comfortable with. Between meals, fresh fruit is available. If you like to eat more between meals, please feel free to bring snacks with you. It is advisable to bring a change of clothes and toiletries in your hand luggage. If your luggage gets lost enroute it may not be able to be delivered to you until a few days later.


What shoes shall I bring?

You only need sandals or other shoes for the nights on shore as you will be barefoot whenever you are aboard. Teva style sandals that sit good on your foot are recommended for land explorations. If you are a runner, bring your sneakers, there are several opportunities to go for some nice runs!


Dry bags

You will be around water for the week. If you are concerned about getting your purse, wallet or watch wet, bring a small dry bag. These can be purchased from sports and outdoor vendors. Some of them roll up and trap the air inside which has the added benefit of making the bag float.


Travel insurance

We strongly advise that all guests cruising with us have fully comprehensive travel insurance which will cover all eventualities such as hotel accommodation, lost baggage, changes to flights etc.


Visas and restrictions

European Community citizens and nationals of the following countries do not require a visa when entering as a tourist: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, United States.


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