Welcome to Fiji, the playground of the South Pacific! A rich culture made up of Melanesian, Polynesian, and significant Indian influences, Fiji is sure to excite sailors, surfers, divers and the adventurous at heart. With rugged high rising mountains, coral reefs, and beautiful beaches coupled with Polynesian culture, (and the Indian palate firmly entrenched in the cuisine) Fiji is a sensual delight for all comers.

Long-known as a paradise for Australian travelers, the country has developed modern amenities with lush resorts, providing all the comforts for the extravagant traveler.  However, Fiji still manages to maintain its cultural heritage with a timeless, age-old feel when visiting the outer islands and villages. Ancient rituals are still very much practised, and very much expected in the world renowned Fijian welcome … “BULA”!

This is a sample itinerary. Weather or other outside factors may mean that your skipper sets an alternative course.


Arrival Day - Saturday 

Our first day sees us meeting our crew and fellow charter friends at the Rhumb Bar in Port Denarau at 5pm on Saturday. 

This Yacht Club/bar/restaurant overlooks the TradeWinds fleet, and is our launching pad for the Fijian Adventure. As soon as all are aboard and accounted for, we head out for a 20 minute sail to our overnight anchorage. Settle in, its Fiji time now.

Cruising Day 1 - Sunday 

We take the morning to sail out to the southern Yasawa island of Waya; beautiful high-rising peaks with volcanic origins. Superb anchorages, beautiful bays, friendly locals and some of the most amazing snorkeling and diving in the Yasawas. 

Waya is huge and provides numerous options, so we let the wind, weather and yourselves decide how to use this beautiful island paradise; we could easily spend the entire week just sailing and exploring its splendor. With many protected bays available, we find different adventures to suit any conditions. Drop the paddle-boards in or take a kayak out. 

We normally anchor on the western side of the island for an unobstructed sunset view. Captains Cocktails are served and palates are satisfied.


Cruising Day 2 -Monday

This morning let's enjoy a dive and snorkel on the magnificent reefs of the north or western shores. Depending on local conditions, one of them is always sheltered and smooth.

After you have your fill, we move around to the southern bay and anchor outside the village of Yalobi. Here we go ashore and present our Kava (dried root from pepper plant) to the chief and perform the ancient ritual of Sevusevu. The chief blesses the gift, and the village boys pound the Kava and mix it for the ceremony. 

The entire village joins in to welcome us as the Meke (or Dancing Stories) begin. The people of Fiji are friendly and welcoming, and this is something you won't want to miss.

Cruising Day 3 - Tuesday

Today we have a short sail south to the Islands of Navadra; an uninhabited group of three islands connected at low tide by a delightful sand-spit. Beautiful reefs for diving and snorkeling, and occasionally home to the intrepid bunch of trouble-makers made famous in the TV series Survivor - and a few resident goats! 

After lunch we set sail for Mana Island to a boutique resort, complete with infinity pools, beaches, spas and nature walks. We are guests of the resort, and as such we are welcome to use all the facilities. Tonight we'll enjoy dinner ashore here. 


Cruising Day 4 - Wednesday

This morning we visit the uninhabited island of Monoriki, in the heart of the Mamanucca islands. A stunning group of islands with unmistakable topography and once the home of Tom Hanks and his best friend Wilson. 

The movie "Castaway" is what the island is famous for today, but the beautiful sand-spit and stunning clarity of the water (mixed with its spectacular silhouette) is what you will remember. 

Not sure why Tom ever left ...

Cruising Day 5 - Thursday

We sail south to the Malalo reef complex; home of the renowned surfing spot "Cloudbreak". If you've ever wondered what it's like to surf some of the amazing waves we see professional surfers ride, than today is your chance. 

With a deep-water channel running right next to this world famous surf spot we are able to get close enough to look directly into the waves and tubes as the surfers thread their way over the shallow reef and powerful waves. Fancy a try? 11 times surfing world champion, Kelly Slater, rates this place as one of his favorite waves in the world. 

If surfing's not your thing, then lets visit the magical sand island that only appears at low tide, but you have to believe in it to see it! Make first footsteps and snorkel and paddle-board this delicate new island. Perhaps we can anchor on the outer reef for a swim, or try our luck at catching dinner on the drop offs? 

Tonight we anchor at Honeymoon Island; a small rocky island fringed with healthy reefs and a special  little sandy beach, perfect for a sunset cocktail and photo.


Cruising Day 6 - Friday 

Today we visit the spectacular Mana Sand Caye; a treeless sand-island in the middle of Fiji's azure blue waters. Here there's vibrant fish life, a beautiful wall dive to visit (the “cabbage patch’) and your own little beach island with 360 ocean-front sandy vistas. 

After lunch we take a beam reach sail back to Port Denarau to sample the flavors and some of the selection of 100 rums at the Rhum Bar …and later we'll dine ashore in one of the many excellent restaurants near the marina.

Departure Day - Saturday

After a beautiful full breakfast aboard, we exchange photos and contacts and start making plans for our next TradeWinds' trip. 

With an immense cruising area to chose from, come back for a two-week trip and visit the far northern remote Yasawas, or come join us again for one of our South Pacific adventures. Destinations are changing regularly.

Bula Vinaka!

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