S/V Ballerina Girl, Simpson 43ft, 2 Guest Cabins, Day & Term Charter

Ballerina Girl is based in Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. She is available for Private Day Sail, Week Charter around Tobago, Sail to Grenada and/or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kitesurfing Safari from Tobago to the Grenadines, Carnival Specials and other Customized Cruises.



Private Day Sail (7hours): USD 900 up to 8 guests.

Any additional guest: USD 100

Includes: lunch and drinks, snorkeling gear, kayak.

Getaway in the smooth waters of the Gulf of Paria. Each cruise would last up to eight hours.



Duration: Minimum 8 days/7nights

Rate: USD1,160 per day for up to 4 guests.

Includes: Captain & First Mate, accommodation in comfortable double cabins/toilet/sink

All-Inclusive: breakfast, light lunch, diner, drinks (non alcoholic/alcoholic drinks can be ordered), snorkeling gear, kayak.

Extra costs: Customs/Immigration and Mooring fees: 50 USD per guests per cruise.



Special couples/honeymooners: USD850 per day.

Up to 4 persons : USD 1,060/day. 

All inclusive: Accommodation in comfortable double cabins, breakfast, light lunch, diner, drinks, snorkeling gear, kayak.

Taxi Transfers: USD 50

Minimum 2 nights/1 day. Tobago has plenty enough to offer to accommodate 6 days/5 nights.

Captain Dan

Daniel Stollmeyer has been on the sea since he was a wee'un and has sailed ever further afield in his explorations, sailing up and down the Caribbean island chain for fun and racing, and crewing superyachts in The Mediterranean.  Daniel become a certified captain in St. Maarten in 2009 (MYT 200T Offshore.)  Daniel has crossed the Atlantic twice so far and dreams of the wide Pacific.  As the captain he will ensure that the vessel and all aboard her are safe and happy as can be.  Daniel is the manager of Sundara Sail Charters and will be the first point of contact for organizing your trip.  

Daniel sailed for two years on superyachts in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean.  Despite the extravagant luxury and size of such vessels, having grown up in and out of these waters, he knew instinctively that 'this is not the way to do it!'  The Caribbean experience - especially in intimate locations such as the Grenadines and Tobago - are ideally suited for a moderate sized catamaran.  Having worked on the construction of Ballerina Girl, his dad's fourth generation yacht, he  felt that is was the perfect boat for fun and adventuresome charters.  Daniel loves to show people these water that he knows, and wrap it all into a package to suit you.  Daniel will be your first point of contact in arranging charters.


Sailing Yacht 'Ballerina Girl' is a 43 foot long catamaran built in Trinidad by Don Stollmeyer.  She is 23 feet wide and was built for straightforward enjoyment.  She draws only 3 feet of depth beneath the waterline, so is able to get close to shore and access elusive anchorages that many other vessels would not be able to.

She comes with a BBQ, snorkelling equipment, a dingy with 8HP outboard, navigational equipment, 130HP main engine, Music, DVD player and fun floatation devices.  Kitchen appliances include microwave, fridge, freezer, stove and oven.  She has 110V electricity aboard for charging electronics.