SERVICES for charter yachts

Dear Yacht Owner/Operator,


Thank you for clicking on our link. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.


We are only working with fully crewed yachts as we believe this ensures the quality and standard we advertise. Our experienced staff are handling all communication with customers from the day they enquire till the day of embarkation.


Alizés Charters is primarily a web based brokerage agency for fully crewed sailing charter yachts. We also offer clearinghouse services, charter schedule management, website building, hosting and servicing. 


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, charter yachts all over the world can rely on us to deliver the best marketing tools and communication services that are required for this kind of businesses on the water!


There are no initiation or start up fees, no deposit required.


You will find below an list of our services and the different options we are offering. If you are looking for an agent, or you were thinking about changing yours, don’t hesitate to call us and I’ll be delighted to discuss this with you!



Happy Sailing,


Franck Sarazin, CEO and Founder.


There are two ways to be advertised with Alizés Charters:


* The yacht has a broker friendly website (no contact page or social media inserted in the website). We will insert this website in the Alizés Charters’ website, within the yacht’s own subpage. Click here for a sample. This option is free of charge.


* The yacht has its own website and/or social network pages (FaceBook, Twitter, etc…). We will then build a page for the yacht, this page will be inserted as a subpage in our website (ex: We will build your page ($250) and host it and service it for a yearly fee of $150.


We also offer social network advertising campaigns (on quotation only).Please click below to download the required MEMBERSHIP'S documentation.

Details coming soon...